Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sending Notes and Reminders to Parents

At any daycare or childcare center, it is important to be able to record, save, and share important memos with your students, staff, and parents. You should be able to record and share notes regarding special events, personal reminders, or emergencies at the touch of a button. 

With Tadpoles, you can record an observation or note, tag the affiliated child, and send it to parents. Very helpful for sending out class reminders! 

Follow these steps to access the feature!

Start at the home screen a touch "share".
Touch "write note" to record the observation. 

Tag the children under "pick kids" by tapping each profile picture.
Then, touch "edit notes". 

Select "parents" for visibility and either activity or incident for the type of reminder. 
Below, record the note. 

If you select the visibility for "parents" and touch "send note", 
this is what the email to parents will look like! 

If you select visibility for "portfolio" and touch "send note",
this is what it will look like under the Director's Dashboard in the child's portfolio. 

 Download the Childcare by Tadpoles app today and try it for yourself!

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