Thursday, July 26, 2012

Collapsing Classrooms

Its 5 o'clock at your childcare center! Your children and employees are heading home, but you still have a few kids left in different classrooms. Need to consolidate?

With Tadpoles, you can collapse classrooms on your device! Rather than have a few kids in different rooms, you can can temporarily move kids to a single classroom. When they leave for the night, the child's daily report will be sent to the parents, and the child will automatically be put back into his/her original classroom. Check it out!

Start at the homescreen and click "kids".

Out of the kids that are still present at your center, you can move each individually to a single room. 

Click on the child's profile and select "actions" in the top right hand corner. 
Then select "visit classroom". 

From there, you can select a class to visit, and the child will be moved back at the end of the night.
In this case, there are kids in the infants, toddlers, and preschool classrooms. The students in the three classrooms can be collapsed into one. Here, you can use the move all of your remaining students in to the "first room". 

To view the children in the first room, start at "in kids", select "actions" and "change class".
Now, you can view all of the remaining students in the "first room".

You have successfully collapsed your classrooms! Now you can efficiently manage and view you children at your childcare center at the end of the day. 

Try this feature out for yourself by downloading the Childcare by Tadpoles app today!

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