Monday, September 17, 2012

Email based daily reports

Paperless daily reports is one of the big reasons to use Tadpoles instead of using paper daily sheets.  We give parents several options to receive those daily reports, but email is by far the easiest for the parent.  They don't have to do anything but give you their email address!

One of the areas we focus on a lot is ensuring parents always receive their daily report and that they can easily read the great information that you share.  We do lots of things behind the scenes to make sure those emails don't get caught in spam filters and ensure the presentation depending on the mail client or device used to read the report.  We've recently rolled out some changes that hopefully you won't notice at all!  We're constantly looking to improve our service to make sure your parents are always receiving any notes, reminders or daily reports that you send them.

Let us know what you think!