Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Parent App!

Today we are launching an exciting update to our Tadpoles Parent App.  We took a lot of feedback from parents and providers and wanted to redo the entire app based upon our new learnings.  As parents that use Tadpoles for our own children we agreed with all of the feedback and worked furiously  to provide this update.

One of the biggest requests was a way to filter the content.  Parents typically receive, photos, videos, notes, daily reports and reminders from their childcare provider.  That made looking back at the great pictures much harder to do.

As you can see below my daughter has changed quite a bit in one year!


We also wanted to make it easier for the parents to communicate with their provider.  We'll be releasing those changes over the next couple of months but the first that is available now is the ability for the parent to call out sick or on vacation.  Each child will have a "card" for their details and you'll see an "out today" button at the bottom.  That will save you a phone call and let both the director and teacher know your child will not be in today.