Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Frogsquared Blog - About the Tadpoles & Tadpoles Pro App

Frogsquared, the creator of the free daycare management apps Tadpoles and Tadpoles Pro, has a blog!

"I need to tell you how much my husband and I appreciate receiving the Tadpoles Updates. It really means the world to us to be able to see the kids throughout the day and to see what a great time they are having at camp. To see them interacting and having fun with the bean bag toss and enjoying the scooter races has calmed my nerves more than you will ever know."
- Maggie

Frogsquared offers iPhone and iPad apps for parents (Tadpoles) and childcare providers (Tadpoles Pro) that provide real-time visibility into the everyday details of early childhood education. Parents have a lot of choices when it comes to daycare and are constantly looking for more ways to connect with their children throughout the day.

By using the Tadpoles Pro app, daycare and other childcare providers are able to securely share photos and videos of children with parents and even send personalized messages and alerts, giving parents the peace of mind they need. Parents simply need to download the Tadpoles app for instant communication with their daycare provider.

Since Tadpoles Pro is free software for daycare, it allows for quick attendance taking, instant access to contact and medical information, streamlined class schedules, payment history and pickup validation authorization, keeping the daycare organized and parents happy.

The Frogsquared blog will not only keep you up-to-date on the latest Tadpole daycare software breakthroughs, but will serve as a resource on daycare/parent relationships, creating the ultimate forum in which parents and daycare providers can discuss the topics that matter most.

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