Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Quick Lists

When its lunchtime at your daycare or childcare center, it is always important to be mindful of kids with food allergies! But, what if you kids with food allergies in separate rooms? Is there any easier way to keep track of this?

With Tadpoles, you can set up quick lists to group different kids depending on food allergies, playtime, interests, etc. In this scenario, we have a new student with a peanut allergy! Follow the steps below on how to add a child to a quick list and view one. 

First, start at the homescreen of the Director's Dashboard. 
Here, you can view all of your children that are in attendance at Amanda's daycare. 
Jacob has a peanut allergy, and so does our newest toddler, Brendan. 

Once you click on Brendan's profile, you can view his personal info. 
At the bottom of the screen, you can add him to a quick list. 
After typing in "peanut allergy", he is now grouped into that quick list, 
which you can use for future reference. 

To view all of the children in a quick list, click on the yellow tab in the top right hand corner that says "quick lists". Once you click on it, you can then select the quick list you wish to view. In this case, we want to view all the children in Amanda's daycare in the "peanut allergy" quick list.

After selecting "peanut allergy", the Director's Dashboard is reorganized to show the children that have a peanut allergy. It shows how many are in, and which rooms they are in. 
Brendan, our latest addition, is accounted for and ready to be checked on! 

Having a clear count of students with special needs makes running a daycare or childcare center a bit easier! Download the Childcare by Tadpoles app today and view your account on the Director's Dashboard to use features such as this one!

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