Friday, August 19, 2011

Food Industry Concerned on Ad Regulations to End Childhood Obesity

Child obesity is a growing epidemic, so why is the food industry fighting back?

It’s evident that the national concern against childhood obesity continues to grow as the health and future of our children becomes more and more questionable. Now, the food industry is getting concerned because of proposed government guidelines.

Despite the mounting evidence that junk foods and fast foods are contributing factors toward the childhood obesity epidemic in America, the food industry is trying to fight the proposed national nutritional guidelines for food advertisements directed toward kids.

Several studies have been conducted with not so surprising results—kids prefer known brands, such as McDonalds, and are also more inclined to crave food endorsed by their favorite television characters. Typically, this food is almost always junk food, the very substance that is changing the face—and waistline—of America’s youth.

While the government is trying to regulate the kind of advertising toward children, the food industry does not plan on going down without a fight and are already looking for loopholes.

In our recent post on childhood obesity, we offered some tips for parents and daycares to easily enforce healthy eating habits and physical activity, but what else can we do to help?

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