Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to School: So Close, Yet So Far for Some

Just as school was about to begin, some states were delayed due to Hurricane Irene

After the earthquake, the east coast was hit hard with Hurricane Irene. The hurricane caused a lot of power outages, delaying the first day of school for some areas in MD, RI, CT,

DE, VT and many other states along the east coast. Other schools that had already opened for the school year were also delayed and/or closed.

Once the school year does begin, and days are unexpectedly canceled due to weather or other conditions, it can be difficult for working parents to find the appropriate childcare. Here’s some tips for parents on how to handle the kids when school is cancelled:

Anticipate Bad Weather
Plan for a weather emergency by first discussing options with your employer. If you’re able to telecommute during weather emergencies, then bring work home whenever there’s a potentially threatening forecast.

If you are able to telecommute, make sure you have time-consuming activities that your kids can do independently, such as watching a movie, or a simple art project.

Ask for Help
If a close relative lives nearby and is able to watch your children occasionally, it’s ideal, but if weather is terrible, transportation can be a problem.

Swap Kids
Get a group of neighbors together who have children within your child’s age range and create a “kid swap” group. Whenever school is cancelled, take turns hosting the children, that way, each parent will only have to take off work on occasion, rather than each time.

Take a Vacation Day
While some employers would not take kindly to this option, most will be understanding of your situation. Enjoy a day off with your children… after all, shouldn’t family come first?

How have you dealt with last-minute school cancellations in the past? Let us know by commenting below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.

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