Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The First Trip to Daycare Could be Harder for Parents than Children

Learn tips for parents and daycares on coping with the first day

While you may think that going to daycare for the first time may be scary for a young child, it can be just as traumatic, if not more so, for parents.When maternity and paternity leave is over with and it’s time to return to the workplace, parents are faced with some tough options, one of which is daycare. After spending so much time with their newborn, it can be difficult to return to work, but sometimes not going back just isn’t an option. Here’s some tips to ensuring the daycare experience is a successful one:

Tips for Parents
Pick a good daycare center by visiting several different centers. Talk with teachers, ask questions, and try to speak with parents who take their children there.

Review and know the daycare center’s policies. Some daycares charge very high fees if you are late picking up your children, which can definitely add up.

Prepare your child and yourself by having friends or family take care of your child before he/she starts daycare.

Stay busy at work to ensure you aren’t constantly worrying about your child.

Check in during the day to stay involved by choosing a daycare that is willing to openly communicate throughout the day and send photos, videos and updates of your child.

Tips for Daycares
Reassure parents
that their child is safe in your hands by answering questions thoroughly and carefully.

Be precise on daycare policies and procedures to avoid any future confusion.

Guarantee student teacher ratios

Stay organized by using a childcare management application, ensuring that children get picked up from daycare by the right party.

Discuss playtime and snacks. Be specific on how much playtime children receive and stress the importance of healthy snacks since childhood obesity is a growing concern among parents.

Connect with parents
by sending them photos, videos and reports of their child throughout the day.

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