Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Keeping Cool in the Classroom

As temperatures continue to rise, learn how to keep your cool in the classroom.

As a heat wave sweeps across the country, it’s about that time in the summer where parents, children and teachers are all thinking about the same thing—back to school! However, with temperatures throughout the country at record highs, and countless schools without air conditioning, managing a classroom, particularly with younger kindergarten aged students, will be tough.

Some tips for keeping cool (and keeping your cool) in a hot classroom include:

  • Provide water bottles, or encourage trips to the water fountain, to ensure children stay hydrated
  • Leave lights off
  • Keep windows closed on humid days
  • Bring multiple fans and distribute evenly throughout the classroom

However, even when taking precautions, children, and teachers are still going to be uncomfortable. Try to think of innovative ways to use technology in the classroom, something that will take their mind off the heat.

Finally, make sure you stay organized. Having to frantically run around, shuffle through papers and keep track of which child is going home with who is troublesome enough, but add 100+ degree temperatures, and it can be a nightmare. Try using childcare management software for keeping track of attendance, contact information and class schedule to keep you calm, cool and collected.

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