Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Got Tadpoles Pro? Get the Update!

The Tadpoles Pro app was recently updated for even more efficient daycare management

It’s never easy managing a daycare, but during the summer, things can get particularly tricky—Johnny’s on a family vacation until Tuesday, Susie is staying with her grandparents this week and you’re not quite sure when the twins are supposed to get back from summer camp. In addition to the changing summer schedules, children are constantly being enrolled, graduating and returning.

That’s why Frogsquared updated the Tadpoles Pro app. In its latest release, the Tadpoles Pro app offers daycare providers more enhanced features to better manage the classroom, particularly when it comes to scheduling. Tadpoles Pro now automates the activation, graduation or return of students on any pre-specified date. Every night, the Tadpoles Pro app will check to see if it’s time for students to start, graduate or return back from a break.

E-mail notifications will be sent summarizing any changes in scheduling and any expired changes will be automatically removed, allowing daycare providers to stay organized and plan in advance, rather than having to manage each individual students’ status every day.

Kelly Bouthillette, Child Care Director at Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Education Center, recently upgraded and said, "Tadpoles Pro has been a wonderful addition to the workings of my facility. It gives me the ability to be free from my desk. Whether I’m in another classroom or at home, I can see number’s and staffing in each room and can contact parents right from the app. It’s wonderful!"

Get the updated app here, or if you’re new, get started with Tadpoles Pro today!

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