Friday, July 1, 2011

Free Daycare Software, Tadpoles Pro, Featured in Parent Express Magazine

Tadpoles Pro, free software for daycare, was recently featured in Parent Express magazine!

Parent Express, a monthly magazine for parents in the Philadelphia area, recently featured Frogsquared’s app for childcare providers, Tadpoles Pro, which allows parents to stay connected to their children during the work day.

Cofounders of the app, Andrew Monroe and Bill McHugh, both have young children, so they realized the difficulties of being away for long periods of time and created a way for parents such as themselves to be more connected with their children’s everyday lives. Since both Monroe and McHugh were avid in mobile software development, they joined forces to create free daycare software, providing real-time visibility to parents such as themselves and an organizational tool for daycare providers. The greatest part of Frogsquared, said McHugh, is “...the awareness that our Tadpoles app delights parents everyday by providing them with visibility of their children’s activities. Every day we smile from the parent comments we receive. It's extremely rewarding.”

The Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Education Center (BTC) in Schwenksville, PA was an early adopter of Tadpoles Pro, realizing that the app not only helps put parents’ minds at ease, but also reduces the amount of paperwork for teachers. BTC’s Childcare Director, Kelly Bouthillette, stated, “It has been a very helpful tool to send reminders as well, and the teachers love that they can share all of the fun moments with the parents.” In fact, over 75 percent of BTC’s parents are using the Tadpoles app for parents.

One of the best features, according to parents such as Tammy Fisher, are the pictures. “We receive numerous pictures throughout the day, which allows us to get an even better idea of who our son plays with, what activities he likes, what toys he likes, as well as being able to capture adorable photos! We show the pictures to our son and it prompts him to share more details about his day than he would without them. Writing on a daily report to parents, ‘Your son dressed up as a dinosaur today,’ is nothing compared to the actual photo,” said Fisher.

Frogsquared’s mobile apps, Tadpoles and Tadpoles Pro are currently available for the Apple iPhone and iPad, but versions for Android phones and tablets will be available by the end of the summer.

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