Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My recent tadpoles roll out!

Hi I'm Amanda, an intern at Tadpoles this summer.  I recently visited a large childcare center in South Jersey to help them roll out the application.  I first met with the school’s director to begin the set up process of her Tadpoles account under the Director’s Dashboard and on 6 iPod devices. 

After a simple installation, we were ready to go live in the childcare facility, and began making our rounds to each classroom. At each stop, I gave a quick demo on how to use the device and access each feature on the application.  I worked individually with each teacher, briefly instructing how to switch classes, take attendance, snap profile pictures for each child, and document daily reports. 

Teachers immediately commented on how simple it was to use the device. Regardless of the teacher’s experience working with touch screen handhelds, each felt confident navigating Tadpoles. As the teachers walked around taking pictures and updating attendance, they commented how Tadpoles was so much more efficient than the previous system they used, and that they found it to be quick, easy, and less time consuming. 

For me, I could not believe the immediate, favorable reaction expressed by the childcare employees. They were excited with the features of Tadpoles and the way in which it streamlines and consolidates the document management process for each child. A successful roll out indeed! 

I concluded the day by emphasizing our commitment to provide customer support and encouraged the director to contact us immediately with questions, comments, concerns, and feedback, both positive and negative. Our ongoing mission after roll outs such as this is to gather customer feedback and apply it to improve the overall Tadpoles experience!

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