Sunday, June 24, 2012

Auto checkout at the end of the day.

We recently had a request for a new feature related to doing attendance using tadpoles.  Several providers mentioned that sometimes they may not get a chance or forget to checkout students at the end of the day.  They would love to have our system automatically checkout students if they didn't get to it.  With lots of parents coming to pickup their children at the end of the day we completely understand!  

With auto checkout hopefully you can save time and focus on wrapping up your day.  This new feature would help if a teacher or director forgot to upload a daily report since that would automatically be sent once the child had been marked out on the attendance sheet.  Parents benefit because we can now guarantee that every daily report will be delivered!

We're looking for feedback on what time you'd like to have children automatically checked out so its not too early and not too late.   Between 7pm and 8pm local time seems about right.  We'd also be interested to hear if anyone wouldn't want this feature automatically enabled.  So far everyone we've talked to loves the idea. 

Reach out to us at about this feature or any other ideas you might have.  We live for customer feedback!  Special thanks to Cara for requesting the feature.

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