Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Teaching Your Child the True Meaning of Christmas

Teach your child the true meaning of Christmas through stories, involvement and home-made gift giving.

With Christmas only a few days away, make sure your toddler or young child knows about its true meaning. But how can something so complex be explained to someone so young? Here’s some tips on explaining the true meaning of Christmas to your child.

Get Excited
Between work, kids, keeping up with chores and holiday shopping, if you’re like most people, your probably exhausted. Make it a habit to get excited for story time and get into character, telling stories from classic Christmas books and gauge your childs’ reaction. If your child sees you getting excited about something, they will realize it’s important. And the repetition of the stories will reinforce the true meaning of Christmas.

Get Involved
Show your children how you understand the meaning of Christmas by getting them involved. Since Christmas is about giving, have them help hand out cookies or Christmas cards to neighbors. If you do make cookies, let your child help—handing something out that they’ve made will be truly rewarding.

Get Hand-Made
In the spirit of giving, have your child make hand-made gifts for loved ones such as a time capsule ornament, candles, or any artwork.

Need something for your child to color? Check out our free printable colorings of Tad wishing everyone a Happy Holiday, Merry Chirstmas, or Happy Chanukah. Once your child chooses one, (or all three), send it us and we’ll post their art on our Facebook page.

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