Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year's Eve Activities for Kids

Looking for something to do this New Year’s Eve? Rather than finding a sitter for your kids, consider spending it with them! Here’s some tips to make the most of your evening, while keeping it kid-friendly.

Change Time Zones
First and foremost, if your child is too young to stay up until midnight, switch time zones! For example, if you live on the west coast, watch the ball drop in New York at 9 p.m. You’ll keep your kids from staying up too much past their bed times, while still getting to celebrate with them. Afterward, score some alone time and celebrate at midnight! Already on the east coast? Go international and check out Rio de Janeiro’s (two hours ahead) or London’s (five hours ahead) celebration.

Make it Rain—Balloons!
Whatever time you decide to celebrate, make it special with a balloon drop! Get a tablecloth or sheet and tape it to the ceiling on three sides, allowing the center to hang and attaching a cord or yarn to the open side. Stuff with balloons and metallic confetti (paper confetti could get wet and leave you with a mess) and tape up the last side of the cloth. When it comes time for the celebration, pull the cord and allow the balloons and confetti to fall from the sky for all to enjoy!

Resolve to Keep Resolutions
Rather than making a resolution and forgetting about it a few weeks later, teach your kids the value of a resolution by writing it down on a slip of paper and stuffing it in their stockings before decorations are stored away. Later that year, when decorations come out, they can check to see if they were able to stick to their resolutions—this is great for parents too!

Need some more activities? Print this coloring page of Tad ringing in the New Year for your kids and we’ll post it to our Facebook page! Just scan their masterpiece and send it to us at:

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