Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Social Media in Early Childood Education

Should social media be allowed in the classroom? If so, at what age?

We recently discussed technology in the classroom, and while this subject is still up for debate, some educators have taken technology in the classroom to the next level by introducing social media in the classroom.

However, with social media, comes the issue of safety, especially when the students are so young, as in early childhood education. While some schools and even universities have banned social media, others are making it an important part of the classroom.

Some educators are using social media, such as Twitter, in their classrooms in order to to show younger children that there is an entire world, filled with other children just like them! For safety purposes, the kindergarten class shares a private Twitter account, which the teacher monitors and enters responses based on class feedback. The kids seem to really like it, as the follow and are followed by other kindergarten classrooms throughout the world.

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