Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Getting Supply Lists to Parents: Please Bring from Tadpoles

How do childcare providers and early childhood educators let parents know what supplies their child should bring in? The new "Please Bring" feature from Tadpoles!

Getting young children to bring in the necessary supplies to daycare or school can be a daunting task—the odds that a supply list will even make it home are slim. Now, for daycare providers and early childhood educators using the Tadpoles app, this task becomes much easier.

Tadpoles recently launched the “Please Bring” store, powered by Amazon. Now, childcare providers and early childhood educators can easily communicate with parents to let them know what to bring. Items are categorized, such as “meal time” and “art supplies,” so parents can easily find what’s needed. The items also show up as links in daily reports, making it even easier to see everything you need in one place.

Since most working parents are extremely busy, and the Please Bring store is powered by Amazon, parents can easily order supplies online through the shopping cart feature.

Still don’t have the Tadpoles app? What are you waiting for! Get the free app, Childcare by Tadpoles.

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