Thursday, September 15, 2011

Child Care Costs Continue to Rise

A recent study suggests that the cost of child care in some states is higher than the cost of attending a public university.

Starting a college fund when your child is born was always a good idea for parents of children in generation X, but now, with more working moms and childcare costs sometimes greater than college tuition, it seems next to impossible.

A study recently conducted by the National Association of Child Care Resources and Referral Agencies (NACCRRA) found that annual child care costs are more expensive than a year of college tuition at a public university in 36 US states.

While parents agree that they would rather pay more for better child care, high costs are definitely hurting their wallets. For infant daycare in Washington, DC, parents will spend $18,200 a year on average. At a national level, child care costs have increased by 1.9% and continue to rise. Find the average cost of child care in your city here.

However, if parents are going to have to pay top dollar for daycare services in their city, it’s important that they receive top services. Parents that send their child to daycares that use the Tadpoles Pro app can enjoy updates and photos of their little ones throughout the day, providing a constant reminder that the high cost is worth it.

One mom, Dawn, wrote in saying, “I just wanted to tell you I love getting tadpoles updates of Michael. It has been so wonderful to see moments of him that I have missed during the day. Might I add especially if it's a rough day it brings such a big smile to my face. Thank you and the wonderful staff at the Academy for taking such excellent care of Michael. We appreciate you all so much. And I appreciate Tadpoles! Have a wonderful afternoon!”

Any parent would agree that being able to capture the missed moments of their child is priceless, so if there must be a high price on child care, you may as well get your moneys worth. Refer your child care provider to the Tadpoles pro app and learn more about what Tadpoles can do for parents.

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